Junglebeat deliver consistently high levels of service which helped us to grow our business. By helping us to develop direct marketing campaigns that were both effective and great value they restored our faith in direct marketing as a channel. If you are looking to conduct market survey or tele-canvassing campaigns Junglebeat are sure to deliver for you. Ian Fraser Programme Manager at Barclaycard


Junglebeat Marketing offer a new and different way of telemarketing.

We offer a personalised and tailored service to fulfil your sales. Rather than using a scatter gun approach, Junglebeat works with the client to develop their current market and explore new business opportunities in the UK, Europe and USA.

Our approach to every campaign involves 4 steps Plan, Learn, Action, Review.

Plan to succeed We discuss why you want to carry out a particular campaign and what you are looking to achieve. From this meeting we will present our business proposal, this will include an outline of how we intend to achieve your target aims.

Getting to know you Before we start, we expect to learn about your product or service, training alongside your sales team where possible.  We often work in our clients offices for the duration of the campaign where space and locality permits. Our clients particularly appreciate this part of the service.

Action Junglebeat will introduce themselves as your company, effectively becoming part of your sales team.  We do not use scripts, instead we promote open dialogue, so calls are geared to discover if the prospect is ready to buy or discuss. When the Firm is actually looking to buy now, we ask for the appointment. If not,  we’ll keep in regular contact until they are ready to meet, buy or accept tenders.

Review and refine .. We will monitor and discuss with you the results of the campaign as it progresses.  Initial calls may show that your sales message needs to be reviewed and we will forward recommendations to you based on the results. Continual reviews will increase the success of your campaign.

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