Common Mistakes When Making Sales Calls

Avoid making these common mistakes when making sales calls


Common Mistakes when Making Sales Calls

Poor Introduction

Starting your call with Hello Mr/ Ms X , How are you?  Screams sales call. Keep it simple just say your own name and business. The next part needs to explain why you are calling. Work on a short statement that makes it clear the purpose of your call . Clarify that you are speaking to the decision maker.

Avoid the Sales Pitch

Have a conversation not a sales pitch. You have to find out about the prospect by asking open questions using Junglebeat’s  5 Ws is a good guide. Have a set of questions prepared that will help you find the information you want. Follow the 80:20 rule you talk 20% of the time and listen to what is being said. From there you can then quickly sum up if they are a good prospect or not. Be ready for any objections they may raise.

Failing to make the Appointment

If the prospect is asking the right questions and has a need – make the appointment, rather than just send out information. Do not miss the opportunity of a meeting.

Not making a Call to Action

When you have qualified the prospect,  always make an arrangement for a future telephone call or meeting.

Following Up

If you have agreed a call to action with the prospect follow up. Such as calling on agreed date or sending out information and calling back to discuss. Following up allows you to start building a relationship with the prospect.

January 17, 2016

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