We have worked with Junglebeat for many years now and they have been an important part of our international sales and marketing strategy.  Junglebeat research and approach our new prospects, creating a lasting impression through their unique, friendly approach. The importance of sales to a business is so often underestimated.  Junglebeat have helped us to find new customers. Junglebeat are very professional company and provide a flexible, tailored service which would not normally be possible from a typical company in this field. Douglas Eadie  Business Manager, Bitwise Group


Many businesses have a particular long-term goal, to expand and go global.

In their efforts to succeed internationally, small and medium sized businesses in the UK and Europe have chosen Junglebeat to outsource their outbound telemarketing campaigns. English has emerged as the default language for business, Junglebeat Marketing uses its UK voice to research new markets and provide lead generation for Clients internationally.

Junglebeat takes the time to fully understand your products and your company to fulfill your international objectives.  We work with our Clients to identify their key market and develop an approach that accurately represents the product and secures qualified, relevant leads to develop a sales pipeline.  Effectively we become another member of your international sales and marketing team.

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