Keep Telemarketing in December

Never stop telemarketing in December - People will buy no matter what time of year


I speak to a lot of Firms that discount the value of telemarketing in December. They say

No one will be interested or
Prospects will be winding down for year end holiday break

Last year during first week of December, I booked 2 appointments for an engineering firm and 4 for a services firm. This December (2017) a major retailer has agreed to meet one of our clients. These appointments were with prospects that were interested in looking at what my clients had to offer. People will buy if there is a need, no matter what time of the year it is.

Granted you do need to consider your target market retail is busy and there is a high chance you will get knocked back.  For other industries it is quieter they have time to talk and look at ways of improving their business for 2018.  They may not be ready to buy now but will give indications of when to call back.

Get ahead of your competition  and build your sales pipeline for a great start to 2018.

December 1, 2015

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